CAMpreneur Yves Bollanga & AFROtainment on Forbes!!

OK..this made my day!Just came across this Forbes article on CAMpreneur Yves Bollanga.

“The Man Televising African Home Entertainment In The USA”

“According to Nielsen,
they represent an estimated 4 million people earning between $45,000
and $75,000 a year. Their projected combined spending power is estimated
at $300 billion. This is a fast growing ethnic group and US-based,
Cameroonian born Yves Bollanga wants a piece of that pie, a big piece!

The former IBM engineer is
building an ambitious family of television channels currently reaching
over 21 million households and growing. He is at the vanguard of
bridging the cultural gap amongst all the Black communities by bringing
Afro-Caribbean content to mainstream America, one TV channel at a time.”

Check out the article on the link below


***UPDATE*** (@ Cameroon Professional Society 2012 Congress)

Author: IRepCamer

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