the last couple of weeks, media sites have been trending with hashtags of
#Oneday with picture messages bearing the #Oneday message. 
Similar the #Nomakeupselfie for cancer,  the OneDaymovement is a campaign to create awareness to every dreamer, giving
them a powerful message of Hope. Brain child of
Nabil Fongod popularly known as
the  one finger pose symbolises determination, reassurance and a strong believe that ONEDAY, we shall all realize our dreams.
world has a lot of talented people, many of whom go unnoticed
especially in Cameroon. This is mainly due to lack of opportunities to showcase
their talents.
 Beyond the pictures and social
media buzz, the vision for the movement is  the dreams of someone a reality! The movement which
was created this May has drawn over 1000 pictures from supporters across
the globe.This goes to show how much people love and relate with hopeful
With the sudden growth of the #OneDayMovement, Nabil has had the
privilege of displaying pictures of #OneDay poses in the prestigious Stadelejik Art Museum in Belgium.
 Nabil maintains persistence, determination and hard work throughout his musical career and has a strong feeling that OneDay, the world would get to experience his talent.

Whatever you are facing or going through in life, this is a message of hope for you knowing a better tomorrow is ahead.  

OK people…Support the  growing movement by 
– Posting your OneDayPose picture on Facebook and on the OneDayPose page
– Tweet #Oneday #OneDayMovement #OneDayPose  and invite your friends and family to join the movement. 


Author: IRepCamer

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