Hello people..This @FROCENTRIC edition features a Camer designer based in the City of Love, Paris, France. 
AYISSI NGA Joseph-Marie aka JJ
STYLE is a clothing designer chic Streets Franco-Cameroonian nationality. Being
himself the son of a tailor and following in the footsteps of the pioneers of
fashion as Cameroon Imane AYISSI or Martial TAPOLO, he created “WAZAL” his clothing line in 2005. In
2006, he launched his first models that are worn by some celebrities such as

brand “WAZAL” is a blend of WAZA, the name of a park in Cameroon and the letter
L Lion, animal symbol of this country. The Natural Park aspiring respect and
the lion aspiring power
 fashion universe expresses a sport in a constant search
for materials, styles and creativity. In mixtures of colours. black, orange,
blue, ecru and various printed, he adds touches of materials such as cotton,
fleece, denim, wax, the milano, leather and synthetic fur under various
He was trained in a fashion
school in Paris known as VANESSA RUIZ and specializes in creating tuxedo
jackets. The first was also created in 2013 under the declination « Braguette
Tété ».

In 2013, he was part of the guests of the Ambassador of Cameroon in Paris for
the exhibition of the feast of the Cameroonian youth and the Fashion Night
Lounge at the Elysée Palace in Paris, where he presented his three concepts:
Wazal Rock, Braguette Tété and Africafutur.

These concepts are based on criteria that since the beginning
symbolized his career: Audacity, Respect and Creation. Wazal cuts are futuristic and modern,
following the latest trends.

The new Wazal mode collection of
tuxedo jacket  is called Fly Suckled 2014/2015, also know as « Braguette Tété » in
the Cameroonian argo. Suckled/Tété means bourgeois or chic. Combining the chic
with the idea of the Fly/Braguette, wazal made a wink the African elegance in
chic street.

Smoking Jacket Fly or Braguette Tété Black Leather
Materials: lambskin leather and red lace,
Smoking Jacket Fly Tété military camouflage
Materials: Military Camouflage and lambskin,
Smoking Jacket Fly Tété blue color: black
Materials: Fleece and jeans on the back,
T-Shirt Tété New York pattern
Material: Milano,
Cotton blend printed digital New YorkHarem pants black jogging together
Materials: Fleece and lamb leather
T-Shirt Military Camouflage pattern Tété
Material: Milano
Blend of military camouflage

Check out highlights of the shoot for the new collection…Enjoy!!

Thumbs up to Joseph-Marie & his Wazal Mode team for flying the 237 flag high! I love the collection…and designer is…(fill in the blanks..lol). 

OK people..Check out the Wazal Shop here & updates on the Facebook page here

Have a nice week ahead.


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