Hello People..This is my first Music Thursday post for 2016. I know I haven’t had one in a while!!

Here are Top 10 Tracks of 2015 by few people who have great love for #237Music.

Top 10 of 2015


Tinzim Fon Ndikum (Co Founder, Stevens Music. DJ Man No Run)


DJ Man No Run 😉

Tinzim popularly known as Uncle T is the Co-Founder of Stevens Music, the label behind one of Camer’s finest rising stars Daphne..and DJ Man No Run. So there is no doubt that he is a music enthusiast and big supporter of the Camer entertainment industry!!

1) Maahlox – Ca Sort Comme Ca sort

2) Franko – Coller la Petite

3) Magasco – Wule Bang Bang

4) Mr Leo – On Va Gerer

5) Daphne – Mother’s Love

6) Jovi – Positioning

7) Locko – Margo / X Maleya – Doumba

8) Charlotte Dipanda – Elle Na Pa’s Vu / Lab’l – Ma Ve Wa ngan

9) Dynastie Le Tigre – Joues Moi le menjang/ Les Featurist – Touh Mbap

10) Mr Leo – E go Better/ Mr Elad – Chakara


Don Julio Bats (CEO/Founder – Barthson Global Communications)


The Don himself..;)

I call him “The Don”..He is a big promoter of all things Entertainment…Be it from Africa or very niche interesting talent..If you visit Barthson Global Communications you will quickly understand that he loves “HAWT” thingz (Pun intended). He features a features AfroBeats playlist on Youtube which I always look forward to..There is an increasing number of tracks from Cameroon ’cause the industry is definitely moving in the right direction..

1) Franko – Coller La Petite

2) Mani Bella – STOP

3) Maahlox Le Vibreur – Ca sort comme ca sort

4) Reniss – Michael Jackson

5) Petit Pays EFFATA – Classe Superieure

6) Featurist ft Winney – Touh Mbap

7) Stanley Enow – Work hard

8) Dynastie le Tigre – Joues-moi le mendjang

9)  Michael Kiessou – Wopalilo

10) Daphne – Gunshot


Ebangha Njang (Co-Founder Kreef Ent)


Ebangha Njang is the Co-Founder of Kreef Ent..She recently featured as  CAMpreneur here..She is very eccentric..She is one of the few people that can rock blue hairand not be bothered what anyone thinks..When it comes to music let’s just say she bleeds all thingz 237.

1) Franko – Coller La Petite

2) Maahlox – Ça Sort Comme Ça Sort

3) Reniss ft Shey – Na You

4) CoolKid Berka -Seriously

5) Pascal  ft Bisha- Epic Ish 

6) Benzil – Shake it

7) Daphne – Mother’s Love

8) Nami Nami Cyrus  – Amassa (No vex)

9) Mr Leo – On Va Gerer

10) Yong Flo ft Eddy Kenzo –  Nyanga


Muke Alison (My Fav Camer Fashion Police & Blogger @ Mookeh)


Muke is my go to Camer Fashion Police (I know..for like the nth time lol)..I love how she brings fashion critique to value in Camer entertainment.  She is a music enthusiast and a big promoter of Camer Music..
1) Locko – Margo

2) Franko – Coller la petit

3) Stanley Enow – Kingkong

4) Maahlox – ça sort comme ça sort

5) Magasco – Wule Bang Bang

6) Jovi – Cash

7) Nami Nami Cyrus – Ewakajo

8) Mr Leo – E go better

9) Mr Elad – Chakara

10) Coolkid – Seriously

More loading……….

I had to add these tracks oh…They would definitely be on the list of tracks for 2015

Michael Kiessou ft Dynastie le Tigre & Yvich – KDT

X Maleya ft Lady Ponce – Kum Kum




2015 was a good one for Camer Music and Entertainment as a whole. New albums, artist wining international awards, EPs, Music labels and music directors definitely stepped up their game (drone effect no go kill person for pays lol)..I think we are off to a great start.

Hopefully this year will be the year of 237 Music Evolution!

Enjoy..It’s #MusicThursday. Enjoy more playlists on  Youtube & Sound cloud by moi 😉




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  1. The highlights superb. I mean even granddad Petite Pays, Elad is killing me with sweet melody, Michael K is killing me with softness. Things have really changed in pays that they are wearing camof uniform.
    Daphne fierce as ever thumps up Reniss.
    Jovi just winding my waste oh to the beats… Bonnee Weekend et Bon fete de Traivail!

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    • I echo your thoughts..there is soo much happening in Camer Entertainment right now..

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