Hello people…It’s Thursday and this is the Mid Year Edition of Music Thursday. If you missed the last MT be sure to catch up here. The Camer [urban] music scene is definitely on the rise..New tracks, videos, EPs, collabos…and fortunately or unfortunately from how you want to see it..”A lot of beef”. Competition in any industry is great but let is be a bit constructive. So rather than people getting on twitter or Facebook to rant hit the studios..;)

It’s #237MusicReloaded…Enjoy


Maahlox Le Vibeur – Tuer Pour Tuer

Lol…each time i hear a Maahlox track or watch a video that is my first reaction..’cause his lyrics are always just #Truth “Faux pas mimba……tu dit qu’on a but..Le tour si on va vider le Sanaga”..Enough said πŸ˜‰

One Face – Tata Lilie Bing Bang

This is such a feel good track and video by the twin duo directed by Sky Star…”Vous les gars du Camer, quand vous buvez trois bieres… ……oh Tatah Lilie oh”….Bendskin a la Afro beats is what’s up πŸ™‚


Big G – Problem Day

Na who don vex Big D? Na who di suspect Big D? Oh Boy problem day…..Straight outta Kumba…I love this track πŸ˜‰

Eddy Bee – Thank You


After a bit of a hiatus Eddy Bee is back with “Thank You” which has a focklore ish ring to it.


Rythymz & Mr Leo- Madame Tout Le Monde

“I am in love with Rythmz” na all that…;)


Neglect – WirNso

I love this track…May i just leave am so or else I go write all the lamnso lyrics πŸ˜‰

Tirajai – Fomoyuy

“A tir kiwuke lowe anin ghan kijung oh…Ahlo koh aminah tom fer oh”…The message in this track is very powerful..If you understood lamnso you will definitely appreciate it better..Fomonyuy means Thank You God..Looking forward to more from Tirajai..

Wax Dey – Il Faut Pas Compliquer

Now trending on my “Les Ways Ndolo” playlist….

Salatiel – One Day Na One Day

Let’s just say I haven’t watch “Bad Angel” but after hearing this track I want to watch it ’cause it is off the sound track. ” I have been trying to move on but you block my way”….The lyrics of this track got to me….”One Day Na One Day….Truth shall be revealed”



Askia – Panda [Cover]

I have been listening to different covers of this track for the past few days and Askia’s is one of my best. She is one of my fav Femcees so I knew this will be

Nabila – Sawa Romance [Cover]

Nabila’s cover to one of my fav track this year..I like the cover and looking forward to hear more from Nabila…

Naomi Achu – It’s My Life

“It’s my life….I can party if I like” huh…

Montess – Love Witta Gun Man

I am feeling “Montess on the flow”..Looking forward to more from her..


Ewube ft Rude Bwah – Throwey
“Welcome to the show once more ladies and gentlemen”…Can someone tell Rude Bwah he needs to release a track pronto? Produced by Slimbeatz…I will leave my analysis of Ewube & Best Music for another post..God Bless your hustle Ewube…

Daphne ft Ben Decca – Ndolo Remix
Featuring Ben Decca on this track was a great choice by Daphne’s team…Directed by Dr. Nkeng Stephens


And some more…

Stanley Enow ft Aka & Locko – Bounce

Hmmm..this is the track that caused a controversy? Lol Camers will not kill me..Check out the comments..I already know what the classic lyrics of Star boy tracks will have before even listening πŸ˜‰ ..Anyhow what do you think? “When you see me bend down yeahhh…..’cause I’m better than you”…OK!

Maahlox Le Vibeur – Ca ne rit pas

“Tu crois que je suis venu ici a Paris jouer” Maahhhlox Le Vibeurrrrrrr πŸ˜‰ [Don go find Euros ;)]

Skidi Boy – Yaounde

So someone released a track about #BigMen…”if ya pa na for Yaounde we go confirmer”…LOL

Magasco – All VIP
Apparently Magasco music style is changing?? I no know me oh..’cause I like this track! Anyhow another one of my fav artists this year!

Nami Nami Cyrus – Amasa (No Vex)

“Short boy tall swag..Na ma definition”…I love this track..Good choice of new signee by Empire…Looking forward to more from Nami Nami..

Franko – Telephonee

Franko is back after his “Coller La Petite” hit…Now na Telephone hein…This telephone matter way don break marriages….

Numerica ft Daphne – No Way

Love the collabo..We need more collabos…




Locko – Sawa Romance

Nothing like some Sawa Romance..Nothing more to add πŸ˜‰

Neglect (Fools 4 u)
Neglect is on my list of artists to watch this year…DiJay Karl on the beatz “Which kind of girl you be say..everyday you be telling me lies”….Camer chics na wah for wuna sef..I love the video directed by Shamak…Enjoy πŸ˜‰


Reniss – La Sauce

I love the styling and hair…Le piment dans la sauce..So this track has been interpreted in many ways..What is she really singing about? Decode πŸ˜‰ And ’cause it’s a New Bell Music track it is directed by Ndukong!


Mr. Leo – Kemayo

Mr Leo broke down the koko of the matter in not soo many words and images…There are many Kemayos out there..Beware πŸ˜‰ He is one of the artists whose music is currently trending..After watching this..not questions asked πŸ™‚ “We don do am again..Salatiel on the beat..Mr Leo on the flow”

New EPs….

Ale Myz – Prelude


OK there you go..It’s Music Thursday the Mid Year Edition[/Post independence Days Edition for my US & Canada readers;)]

What is/are your fav(s) this MT?

Keep Reppin’ 237


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    • And that is why they are called One Face Lol..It is such a feel good track and video!

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