Hello people…It’s another Music Thursday!! I know…it’s been a while since the last one..237 Music is stepping up its game by the day….





Boy Girese – Mini Mini

Mini Mini oh…Chuk am no fear..chuk am no fear oh…OK!

Wax Dey ft Yemi Alade – Makossaw 

Did I read on Facebook the other day that Yemi Alade is coming to Camer?? You know what it is….When I step into the club..I love this collabo.

DJ Karl ft Neglect, Benzil, Dready – Cliche

One of my fav producers went on the Mic with his click of KbHoodMusic…”Ah loji ah jong bom yen kem…”‘I am looking at you…you are looking at..don’t you give me cliche thing”

Master Yen – Money Don Di Enter

Debut track from Master Yen…Money don di enter oh….May we leave am so dance!

Rexy Baba ft Luxland – Palava

Wax Dey ft Nasty  C -360

This is one of the fav tracks on Wax’s album. “Where ever I go she wanna go….she teach me to go to church”

Eye Mass ft Neglect and Roqzen – Vitavi 

#ProudToBeNso….Enough said..”Kinyoh keh ki veh for shuuuu” 


Kikoh – Mukum

“Tara I be Mukum..Boh I be Mukum…”

Edi LaDrae – Letter To My Unborn Child

I absolutely love this track..One of those tracks that I would listen to calm down!

Tzy Panchak – Makaveli

Is this the track that caused all the recent Blu Nation drama? lol. Anyhow “Shut down the whole town…She be criminal”

Stanis – Faux Weh

“Ici on yamo le faux weh”

Steveslil – Nalo

I love this latest one from the panjo master…”I go take you to Dubai..for our honeymoon..African Nalova”..

Pascal ft Jovi, Reniss – Makero

I love the intro beats “Nga dem for here dem no di play..salary di boleh the very day”

Maahlox – Tuer pour Tuer

Maahlox Le Vibeur…et c’est ways..Enough said!

Franko – Faux Pas Taper Sur Madame

Way to go Franko…No to domestic violence..Faux pas taper sur madame…no matter what!

Daddy Scott ft Teddy D, Thez, Dareal, 2p Negger – Mitto Remix  

Camer collabos….

Ngoma – Sors De Ce Corps

“Esprit de ngeme je dit sors de ce corps”

Kay Zeey – Ole 

“Na the blessings oh Lord I di see di make me di dash money…”

Melcube ft Herve Slim- Free

“We all want to be happy..we all want to be free”

Gutchi Chico – Be Ma Girl 

Ok oh Gutchi chico…”I’ve never seen someone like you”


Mic Monsta – Kwata State of Mind

Mic Monstaaaaa…I love the second track from the Kreef signee..”Only njoka last night…Only mosquito man no fit sleep in peace”

Tay-o – If I knew

New track alert..His classic beats..”If I knew…i will let you know”…

Numerica ft Daphne – No Way

Nice collabo and good chemistry between Numerica and Daphne!


Don ChaeuLe – Wokolo

“Wokolo wokolo yayatoohhh..Bushfaller don land na for yayatohhh..”…I love this afro-decaler  beats

Sama Ndango ft Fon Tete – Sexy Stylish

All the sexy stylish people please stand up..I am feeling the bright suits and shirts oh…”oh baby girl tu est Sexy stylish”

Featurist – Fame Lah.

Oya Fame Lah ehh….I love me some Featurist!

237 Divas

Myra Maimoh – Uniq

Myra brought her vocals to this Uniq track. The beats have a feel of theme song for something “Hey girl you are unique..don’t you let nobody bring you down”

Blanche Bailly – Sawa Romance Cover


LIA – Trinity

Gospel artist Irene Asanji is back with Trinity . Vote LIA for the Kilimanjaro Radio awards for Best Gospel Artist here 

Reniss – Pilon

“Ponce attitude, Beyala na rigeur, Mani La Belle…Djjjjjj…La Nuit je Pijon”

Blanche Bailly – Kam We Stay

I love this track and video!!

Daphne – Madingwa

One of my favs off Daphne’s album!

Brenda Dery Dance Video  – This is Africa

OK This Brenda Dery chick can danceee…Wandaful!

Askia – La Reine 

Askia is the queen…May all man just pack!!

Ztra – Z-tra Peut 

Ok I can’t get over the lyrics of this “Tu recontre meme quo” 

Daphne – Famla

“You poor or you rich dem say na Famla…”

Askia ft Skidi Booy – Welcome 4 Kwata

I love this track and video….Askia is def on a roll…”Di one na bankolo…”

Belinda Senjo – Make a Change

Will the real Belinda please stand up!! woot woot..this chick can sing..I love the vocals…




Salatiel ft Maahlox & Myra – Bougez La Bas

I love this track ehh….”It’s Salatiel on this one…Maahlox Le Vibeur…Toi tu viens pour deranger….Je ve la coller..”

Ambe Ft Daphne – Better Boyfriend

I love this collabo…Ambe di sing…Daphne! “Plenty boys don lie say dem love you truly”

Vreezy Ville ft Askia – Shakiti Dab

I have been on my Shakiti Dab swag for a minute

Reniss – Dashiki

I love everything about this track and video…Tres Afrocentric chic….


We Do it For Africa – Cameroon 4 Ebola Orphans

Camer’s got talent..End of story!!

It’s almost Friday..Show some love to 237 Music…


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