The BIDA 01 was trending last week on Facebook and on a couple of blogs. “BIDA 01” is what is written on the bonnet of the Wooden convertible car at the Abuja Expo 2016. It’s main frame (aka chassis) is made out of polished wood, looking very beautiful, but the genius is in the mechanics.

This young man fabricated the engine of this car from that of a motor-cycle. And one may think that with the basic and amateur electrical work and other car building related technicalities, the car will withstand only so much work. Yet, it was actually driven from Bida, where it was made, to Abuja for the Expo.

Front and Back View of Bida 01

Front and Back View – Courtesy of

Inside of Bida 01

Courtesy of

It is amazing what young African minds can do with the little resources they have. This is what is most interesting, the resourcefulness of this young man. Wooden cars are no news, what is is the ability to come with such an achievement with such limited resources. That my friends, is the genius.

Bida 01 Engine made from that of a motor-cycle.


It is surprising too that no one mentioned his name. I searcged about half a dozen blogs and Facebook posts but failed to uncover the name of this brilliant Nigerian. However below is a photo of him, courtesy of


Let us rise up to the challenge in Camer because for sure such talent resides among us.

Arise Camer! Arise!


Author: Deodatus Bijengsi

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