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Today’s event spotlight is related to Entrepreneurs!

 Wisdom Talks Entrepreneurs takes place  December 17th 2016 in Yaounde!

Organized by TogetherFund, the Wisdom Talks Entrepreneurs conference aims at knowledge sharing & empowering CAMpreneurs. Cameroon is buzzing with innovation, creativity, ingenuity and talent but it is a challenging environment for Entrepreneurs.



Wisdom Talks – Entrepreneurs Conference is a unique concept that for one full day brings together top managers and inspiring Cameroonian entrepreneurs to share their experience in building sustainable businesses in Africa with an audience of hundreds aspiring young entrepreneurs


The young Cameroonian entrepreneurs community is in great need of guidance and inspiration from thoughtful leaders and experienced managers that can share with them their knowledge, insights and tips in order to help them succeed in their entrepreneurial endeavor. « Wisdom Talks – Entrepreneurs » Conference aims to offer the best platform for that interaction to happen.

The Camer Challenge

13% of the population aged 18-35 are unemployed and more than 70% of young graduates and professionals are underemployed. More than 4 million people are exposed to poverty, promiscuity and insecurity.

Our solution

We strongly believe that the promotion and active support of youth entrepreneurship is a viable and long term solution to lower the unemployment rate, create new jobs and end poverty in Cameroon.

Date : Saturday, December 17th 2016

Place : Centre Culturel Camerounais, Province Nlongkak, Yaoundé

Time : From 09 a.m. to 6 p.m.





The Conference will feature a keynote presentation, discussion panels, start up showcase and product demos. Check the detailed program and more about the speakers on the website https://www.wtconf.com/



 TOGETHERFUND is an apolitical, non profit association legalized in 2015  dedicated to promote and support youth entrepreneurship in Cameroon.

Our Vision : Significantly reduce the unemployment and underemployment rates of young Cameroonian through entrepreneurship “We believe in youth entrepreneurship for development”



  • Runs and manages a network of 300 young entrepreneurs and local mentors.
  • With its partners coach and offer technical support to young entrepreneurs seeking to bring their business ideas to life..
  • Promotes and sensitizes young people about the opportunities of entrepreneurship through its events, of meetups and workshops.
  • Sensitizes local public and private organization about the importance of supporting youth entrepreneurship to help fight unemployment in Cameroon.

Short term goals :

  • Support and help to launch at least 50 startups projects initiated by young cameroonian entrepreneurs.
  • Organize two major events to promote and showcase entrepreneurship in Cameroon.
  • Register at least  1000 young Cameroonian entrepreneurs to our database
  • Offer more than 250 hours of workshops and seminars on business related subjects to young entrepreneurs.


Association Togetherfund – Récépissé N*0000761/RDA/J06/BAPP . Quartier Fouda – Immeuble Hibiscus, Yaoundé, Cameroun Téléphone : 690165209 / Email : togetherfundassociation@gmail.com

Registration is ongoing for Wisdom Talks. Register here and get your tickets. Wisdom Talks Event page on Facebook


I am excited and inspired by CAMpreneurs..Looking forward to more from Wisdom talks..

Interested? Register and buy you tickets!

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