Hello people…It’s Friday? What are you cooking this weekend…Kati Kati anyone? 

You can get one the finest culinary  experiences at the foot of the Mountain in Buea at  IYA.

Did I say Chef Janvier at IYA is just one of the best Chefs ever? 

See how Chef Janvier hold some better fowl 😉 

If you are from the North West Region, then you know that this is one of the stable and “contri chop” in most of the tribes in the region! Fufu Corn, Njama Njama and Kati Kati is just the business. 

Introducing Iya Food Diaries!


How does one capture the essence, cultural nuances, traditional and culinary heritage of a nation as diverse as Cameroon – with a documented 254 different tribes – whilst maintaining authenticity and being innovative? Notwithstanding the challenges of such uphill battles, we at IYA make an attempt at documenting Cameroon’s 508 traditional dishes. Each of the 254 tribes having 2 dishes on average – and elevating these to gourmet standards. It is thus that we partnered with photographer PassiPassi – and other Creatives – to produce IYA Food Diaries.

In its first series we salute the Northwestern regions of Cameroon as we showcase #KatiKati, one of the most ancient and distinctive dishes of the Nkom people.

IYA – Food & Culture

This national delicacy is prepared with succulent pieces of free-range chicken –marinated in earthy Nkom spices – roasted over open flame giving it its distinct smoky flavour. The beauty of #KatiKati is as much in its mind-blowing delightfully balanced smoky flavours and gentle heat, as it is in its vibrant blend of colours:

from the juicy chicken’s shiny reddish colour – resulting from the gentle caresses of unbleached palm oil. To the deep green vegetables with a bright yellow pepper atop, and the white Corn-fufu, #KatiKati is by all accounts a gem of a dish.”

A perfect blend of tradition and modernity, we raise our hats to all the IYAs who work incessantly to express their love to us through this dish, as well as keeping the culture alive. So when next you sit down to savour this dish, take pride in knowing you’re loved and indulging in culinary heritage of the Nkom people.

IYA – Food & Culture


Iya is a proud recipient of the Best Restaurant 2017 in Africa and the Middle East’ by Luxury Travel Guide 

IYA – Food & Culture

We share this award, like all the others, with our guests and our growing family.

We take pride in doing ‘great’. Not because of recognition, but because it’s the right thing to do and we owe that to our guests. I’m sure you would agree.”

Looking forward to the next edition of IYA Food diaries. Follow @IyaBuea on Facebook and Instagram for more. To get your taste buds kicking visit the restaurant located at the Former Alliance in Buea. 

What are you cooking this weekend? 

Have a nice weekend.

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  1. Well done Iya Buea always pushing the bar.
    Food so yummy and inviting. Presentation and creativity on point.
    Continue the good work.

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